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Labor Force Situation in Indonesia February 2020

Labor Force Situation in Indonesia February 2020
Catalog Number : 2303004
Publication Number : 04120.2003
ISSN/ISBN : 0126-647x
Release Date : June 19, 2020
File Size : 11.06 MB


ABSTRACTThis publication contains tables of the labor force situation in Indonesia which was obtained from the first semester of the 2020 National Labor Force Survey (NLFS). The target sample size of the 2020 February NLFS was 75,000 households, with intention to provide estimation down to province. This publication uses the weighting results of population projections for 2010‒2035. In order to maintain good data series, most of the tables presented in this publication similar to that of the August 2019 publication, which are described by sex (male and female) and region (urban and rural). The data presented in the tables covers population aged 15 years and over. In addition, this publication is also supplemented with labour force data series for 2017–2020 and executive summary.
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