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Publikasi Harga Konsumen Nasional Beberapa Barang dan Jasa tahun 2013
7104009; 06230.1404; 1907-8846
Publication of consumer prices for goods and services is a publication BPS Statistics Indonesia, which obtained from the Survey of Consumer Prices in 66 cities (CPI cities) held every month. The data presented in this publication is the consumer price in 2013 at National level which calculated from the weighted average price of any goods or services and the role of cities in the formation of CPI inflation.

Publikasi Harga Konsumen Beberapa Kelompok Makanan di 66 Kota di Indonesia Tahun 2013
7104010; 06230.1405; 1907-8579
The data presented in this publication is the consumer prices data of some selected goods of food groups each month, which is obtained from the enumeration on a monthly survey of consumer prices in the 66 cities ( 33 provincial capitals and 33 cities) during the year 2013.

Publikasi Harga Konsumen Beberapa Barang dan Jasa Kelompok Kesehatan, Pendidikan dan Transport di 66 kota tahun 2013
7104013; 06230.1408; 1907-8587
This publication is the result of monthly consumer price enumeration survey for health, education, and transportation in 66 cities, 33 provincial capitals and 33 cities. Several selected commodities and services were presented for every month in every city in 2013.

Economic Indicator January 2014
9201001; 07330.1403; 0126-2319
This publication covers basic statistical data on the Indonesia economic condition. Economic aspects are presented here, including price indices, finance, banking, investment, production, balance of payments and international trade, transportation, hotel and tourism, and national income.

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