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Direktori Perusahaan Perkebunan Karet indonesia 2013
1305075; 05130.1421; 2338-6983
The publication is a result of annual survey of crumb rubber establishment in 2012. The data includes name, group and address, phone number and faximile, estate address and contact person which are arranged by province.

Buletin Statistik Perdagangan Luar Negeri Ekspor Menurut Kelompok Komoditi dan Negara, Maret 2014
8202002; 06110.1414; 0216-5775
This publication contains the export data by sector, which includes the development of agricultural commodity exports, industry and mining, and the development of Indonesia’s exports by country of destination. Export figures presented are cumulative export figures, from January 2014 to the current month in the same year. This publication also contains a quick review about the comparison, growth, and the role of exports is quite prominent or significant.

Buletin Statistik Perdagangan Luar Negeri Ekspor Menurut Komoditi HS, Maret 2014
8202019; 06110.1415; 2252-8563
This publication contains the export data by 21 groups of goods classification, 2 digit HS (Harmonized System), HS 10 digits, Export Destination Countries, provinces and the port of loading and broken down by weight Net FOB value of the current month and cumulative January to the current month. This Bulletin also presents a brief review of the comparison, as well as the growth and the role of the data subject or a prominent enough that a significant change.

Indikator Konstruksi Triwulan I/2014
6302002; 05340.1406; 1979-8024
This publication includes the characteristic of the quarterly Construction Establishment Survey in the first quarter 2014, such as number of permanent workers indices, compensation and wages indices, man-days of daily workers indices, value of construction indices, business condition indices, business prospect indices, business problem indices, and growth rate construction sector.

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